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Zoey's Way Home

On the African plain many years ago there lived a zebra family. There was a father, a mother, a son and two daughters. One of the daughters was named Zoey. Zoey feels sad because she feels misunderstood by her family. One day, she finds herself alone and away from her herd. Feeling scared and lost, Zoey tries to find her way home.


Zoeys Way Home

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"I recommend this story to every child. They will find the storyline and illustrations interesting and will have the opportunity to see the areas in their lives that need to be fixed so they can make objective, helpful judgments and choices."
“Family is her home and her home is her family. Promoting family values is the theme of Parkston author Richard J. Jelinek’s new children’s book, “Zoey’s Way Home,” which Jelinek signed for readers on Thursday, Feb. 1, at Parkston Public Library."
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